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Fancy being a DJ on Krocks? Well when in the channel just tell an OP you are interested, easy!  Take a look at the DJ schedules from the link on the left side to find a day and time to suit you. Go on you know you want to!! Oh you must be reliable (No time wasters please) and before you ask, no you don't get paid!

For Non-members of Krocks you are invited to join our radio chat room for the live radio shows, just click the link above and allow java to run if asked and also select allow in windows firewall if asked

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Karaoke Rocks

Keep it clean, friendly fun and enjoy yourself - feel free to play trivia, post comments in the channel - but remember there may be young eyes about - so please avoid foul language, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive comments. RESPECT!

Always make sure your server (OmenServe) is ON when you are in the channel and that you are serving only zipped karaoke mp3+g files from an up-to-date list. (karaoke-related apps/utilities are also welcome if zipped).

Remember that this is a SHARING channel. Share back what you take and keep your list up to date. If your list is out of date, an Op will very likely PM you to remind you. Please update your list at least twice per month, on the 1st and the 15th.

Ask an Op for help if you need it, but please remember that all the Ops are volunteers and do please be patient. Ops help out because they enjoy helping people - keep it enjoyable for them.

Only authorized clones are allowed in the channel and it needs a good reason for existing other than just downloading. If you're not sure, ask before you connect a clone.

Keep spam out of our channel - and remember that our members don't go around spamming other channels either. We don't need to resort to spamming to attract people here.

Exercise moderation with channel ads. Your OmenServe ads should be set to run at 2700-second intervals, random ads and ctcp's should be turned off and miscellaneous channel ads should be used only if absolutely necessary.

Remember never paste more than a maximum of 5 file-requests at one time and wait at least for one minute before pasting 5 more. Never keep more than 4 full discs in anyone's queue.

Our channel uses mirc with omenserve. Expect to be kicked or even banned if you run any bots of any kind which are not authorized by a channel administrator.

Channel is for all of us to have a good time in and be safe doing so. Sending files DCC without first getting the consent of the recipient is expressly forbidden, as is initiating a DCC chat without being invited to do so - if you want to communicate with someone, double-click on their nick and leave them a private message.

Knowledge is a powerful thing and TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS LIKE SHOUTING!!! Please don't. If any of the above is unclear - PM an Op in the channel and ask for explanation. It never hurts to ask and there's no such thing as a stupid question. Above all… Have fun in here!

Simply put. Help yourself. If you have problems, ask an OP

We do this because we love karaoke!

© Karaoke-Rocks 2016

As of the 1st of February 2016 all use of Powerget and Autoget will be banned